Capture forever memories with an
award-winning photographer

Let Ottawa-based photographer Jessica Thomas eternalize those fleeting moments

The premature birth of my first son was the catalyst for me capturing those moments that you wish you could hold on to.

His early arrival into the world reminded me that every second I spent marvelling at his features would soon be a memory. I wanted something tangible that would bring me back those simple moments.

It is this inherent need to hold onto memories that has helped me win numerous awards. When you trust me with preserving your memories, you will experience the level of care and commitment that has gotten my work published across many platforms.

“To be able to hold and revisit that time and place, the moments that mean so much, and at times, the raw emotions that are connected to those memories is priceless to me. I believe that providing this gift to others isn\’t just my passion, but also my calling.”

– Jessica Thomas

For the past 11 years, I have had the opportunity to capture pivotal moments in peoples’ lives:


Couples vowing to love each other until the end of time


The awe in new parents’ faces when they gaze at their days-old child


Groups of families and friends who celebrate each others’ differences

Every single experience has pulled me further into wanting to preserve precious memories for as many people as possible.

For me, the art of photography has always been about more than the end product.

You will love your photographs even more if you have an excellent experience while taking them.

I am a firm believer in providing a well-rounded client experience by ensuring that the time you spent in front of the camera brings you as much joy as the photos that you will receive.